Impact factor & Indexing

1 ijcs International Journal of Computer Science
2348 -6600 0.456 IJCS Journal
2 ijcset International Journal of Computer Science Engineering and Technology
On Process - IJCSET Journal
3 ijrcm International Journal of Recent Computer Networking, Mobile Computing, P2P, Computer Hardware and Multimedia Application.
On Process - IJRCM Journal
4 ijarscience International Journal of Advanced Research in MEDIA, Library, Nano Science, Visual- Mass Communication, Journalism , and Management Studies.
On Process - IJARSCIENCE Journal
5 ijrde International Journal of Research and Development in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Information and Communication Engineering.
On Process - IJRDENGINEERING Journal
6 ijisrs International Journal of Industrial and Scientific Research in Physics, Chemistry, Bio-Tech, Bio-Medical and Medical Science.
On Process - IJISRSCIENCE Journal
7 ijartech International Journal of Applied Research in Mathematical, Information Technology and Industrial Engineering.
On Process - IJARTECH Journal
8 ijarts International Journal of Commerce, Economics, Econometrics, Linguistics, Sociology, Psychology and Humanities.
On Process - IJARTS Journal