Jacksonville mother exactly who slain infant while playing FarmVille becomes half a century

Jacksonville mother exactly who slain infant while playing FarmVille becomes half a century


1 day before she murdered the girl infant daughter with her bare palms in her Jacksonville home, Alexandra Tobias got a character test online that throw a grim view in a sophomoric tone.

The test information, posted to the girl myspace page, designated the lady as bipolar with a passage that study: “path to take, you insane person. You might be a lot of for just about any someone to control, like yourself.”

Another morning, 3-month-old Dylan Lee Edmondson had been dying of head problems as investigators, physicians, Duval County prison inmates and even group started spotting a routine of lies to cover up an ugly truth.

Picture gallery: Alexandra Tobias’ sentencing

Tobias, 22, a Wolfson twelfth grade scholar which desired to go to college along with a generally close reputation as a parent, had shaken the baby to death while playing entertaining games on her Facebook page.

Routine assess Adrian G. Soud sentenced Tobias to half a century in prison after reading hrs of testimony Tuesday. Tobias cried at things, but was generated a fingerprinting station with a blank appearance on her behalf face after Soud offered a scathing lecture from the counter.

“the guy who’s probably the most defenseless among us ended up being murdered by his own mommy. And why? Because he was crying during a-game of FishVille or FarmVille or whatever is taking place during Facebooking energy that time,” the judge mentioned.

The phrase was the highest conclusion of a plea discount discussed in October as Tobias pleaded bad to second-degree kill in Dylan’s passing.

This lady plea went viral as preferred internet sites like Gawker and frequent monster picked up the storyline and CNN’s “Nancy Grace” show selected aside the situation for pretty much an hour or so.

On infant’s pops, E.J. Edmondson, which was very disheartening parts of the experience.

“That will be insulting. It was not about Fb. It had been about my personal son,” the guy said away from court.

Much more disheartening, Edmondson stated the guy would not understand until he listened to forensic testimony Tuesday that their boy was a student in aches for any last hrs of their lifetime.

Tobias informed the assess she was actually suffering from postpartum despair, but wants to return to the nice person she ended up being ahead of the killing.

“I hate my self for what i did so, but not for exactly who i will be,” she said.

Tobias’ relatives and buddies explained this lady as a fun-loving, albeit notably mischievous, kid whom increased into a good lady.

Life dealt the girl some hard knocks. She’d discovered this lady mom dead in 2008. She advised a psychologist she’d become raped at a younger era.

Her intends to choose college or university were challenge when she have expecting. She and Edmondson are in an on-again, off-again union that turned into so intensive each of them are detained for home-based physical violence a few weeks before the baby’s death.

Nonetheless, no person close to Tobias could believe she’d simply take the lady frustrations from the little one.

Before Tuesday’s hearing, the Times-Union received instance depositions and letters in Tobias’ handwriting that demonstrate how young mama tried to socialize by herself in prison as though she’d end up being merely a short-term occupant. There was a spot whenever she believed she’d defeat the expense.

“She laughs and she styles. I mean, she’s had gotten this lady coloring pencils and they relax and additionally they only – you are aware, its like they’re in a home for girls, you realize. It really is fun energy, and it is perhaps not,” stated Lois Hay, a fellow inmate who was simply deposed in the case by associate condition Attorney Rich Mantei latest March.

Hay said at some point Tobias told inmates she shook the child and smashed his mind off her pc monitor. But she in addition would change the tale the culprit the abuse on her best gay hookup apps for iphone behalf boyfriend, their mummy and her dog.

She later advised a psychologist she blacked off to try to mask their confession to police, but she was snared as prosecutors got a recorded call she made from the prison calling it a lay.

“I had a child named Dylan Lee but he passed away on January 20, 2010!” reads a letter Tobias published to a men inmate she got attempting to court romantically. Prosecutors intercepted they. “they’ve been attempting to charge myself using my son’s death and youngster misuse. Now Really don’t expect you to comprehend but i can not truly speak about they but I’m able to show I’m in here for your incorrect grounds.”

She wasn’t the only person in disbelief.

“She was a young mommy. She got under most stress, but I really don’t read the woman creating such a thing harmful. She understands better,” Tobias’ aunt, Elizabeth, informed Mantei in a deposition finally March.

Elizabeth Tobias revealed Soud images of Tobias and pleaded for compassion during Tuesday’s hearing.

Prosecutors said Tobias known as newborns grandfather before she also known as 911 to submit their son got ended breathing. She is hysterical within the tracking as she tries to accumulate herself to follow the dispatcher’s instructions on mouth-to-mouth and upper body compressions due to the fact save team are en route.

Safety attorney Jan Abel questioned Soud to examine the 911 recording before the guy sentenced Tobias. The guy performed, but Tobias’ crying during name failed to alter the assess’s head.

“it had been for your requirements he [Dylan] would turn-to for ingredients. It actually was your he’d look to for convenience, for like, for assist as he is sick,” Soud advised Tobias. “When he turned to both you and cried, you murdered your.”

Four weeks before she murdered the lady son, detectives said Tobias signed up with a Twitter advocacy group against baby-shaking.

Prosecutors zeroed in throughout the myspace webpage once they noticed it was the most likely background from the newborns dying. Display screen catches having become an element of the instance document tv series Tobias utilized the social networking website frequently.

She identified by herself a Christian and a Republican and offered no particular cause of becoming keen on such things as television’s “One forest Hill” and Hollywood starlet Megan Fox.

Tobias held a profile for Dylan aswell. New-year’s Day listings demonstrated he had been 12 weight and 22 inches high.

Psychologist Stephen Bloomfield affirmed Tuesday that Tobias grabbed Xanax, without a prescription, the early morning associated with the newborns dying. The guy explained your anti-anxiety drug can exaggerate downward swift changes in moods for depressives.

Bloomfield mentioned much of Tobias’ despair is actually grounded on this lady upbringing under a mommy who was detected as bipolar and which grappled with drug trouble.

“She does not look unfortunate and she doesn’t appear delighted,” Bloomfield said.